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" My first reaction is “brilliant” with a big smile on my face! For me it’s exactly what we wanted to achieve when we first set out down this road months and months ago. "Sheffield Hallam University

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Vimeo & Youtube slash the price of online video content

Online content is now a huge part of our business, but is this boom down to more savvy companies tapping into to the seemingly untapped digital video revolution? or is it that Vimeo, Amazon YouTube (along with others) now have the server capacity to be able to offer commercial streaming at a ridiculously low rate (£90 in Vimeo pro’s case) instead of the hugely expensive media servers that have come before. We’d like to think it was a bit of both, but can’t deny that offering video content to the masses without the complicated streaming conversation of how big/how much/but we haven’t even tried video online before, is a much easier sell, and far easier for a client to see the ROI.

For a working example of the kind of videos we’re creating see the
case study for Halfords.

" We have started sharing them internally and feedback has been universally positive. At last week’s ‘Trust Focus’ meeting (senior managers across the Trust) one film received a round of applause at the end and in a meeting today our medical director said he thought the films were ‘excellent’! "Croydon NHS

" Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well. "Ann Handley, MarketingProfs

" The staff come across as very professional, the video is interesting all the way through, and the messages are strong, without being too complicated. Excellent production. Credit to all. "Northern Rail

" The more similar the members of a group think, the lower the group's collective intelligence. "- The Guardian

Mezzo Group orchestrates an independent and highly experienced group of companies based in Leeds, devoted to creating compelling video, music and graphic content nationally and internationally.

We conduct ourselves quite differently. We are creative yet simultaneously extremely business focused. Is that possible? It’s actually quite straightforward when you’ve the continuity of a wealth of creative talent combined with serious marketing nous working together as one team. The same team that is with you throughout the entire process doing what’s right for you, not us.

Our output is always of the highest quality. Its effectiveness is never less than impressive.

We’re good at what we do. See for yourself.

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